Quality Policy

Business ethics and respect to human and nature form the basis of our business life.

The focus of our quality perspective is customer satisfaction and in order to reach the unconditional customer satisfaction; the followings are indispensable for our company;

*To make production, to render services and provide products with respect to human and nature; and in accordance with all national and international standards, regulations and legislations,
*To ensure that the perspective of our suppliers regarding quality and product reliability is integrated with our perspective,
*To rapidly provide reliable products and high quality services at affordable prices
*To be 7/24 accessible for the after sales services,
*To work as a team and to make sure that all our employees never compromise the quality perspective,

We believe that the best investment is in human and therefore training is vital to maintain the good service. We believe that the success depends on abilities and performances of our employees. Our desire is to create a working environment where all of us respect to rights and honors of others, where abilities are improved, performances are appreciated and information exchange is ensured. We aim to protect occupational health and safety in accordance with national regulations.

Our company aims to maintain an open-minded management concept that motivates good performance and applies corporate principles in its resolutions and behaviors.

We aim continuous development and innovation to increase customer satisfaction. Our biggest competitor is ourselves.